Friday, December 27, 2013

Routine Paradise

As inclined as one may be to characterize a holiday as “getting away from it all”, it would appear that deep-seated convention trumps novelty. Possibly because I lack innovation (or worse, inspiration) it apparently requires no more than seventy-two hours for me to establish a patent and less than glamorous routine in any environment. The only difference this morning, for example, was that with the benefit of two days’ reiteration the agenda was accelerated.  As usual we busied ourselves early this morning (between 2:30 am – 4:30 am) with our computers.  It is pointless to toss in one’s bed if the mind is revolving.  Better to get up and distract one’s self with industry. Given the holiday nature of these days and not being preoccupied with my law office I find I am spending time on web sites which normally would exhaust me either by their uselessness or their dreariness, things like Facebook and LinkedIn, both of which I unreservedly lump in the same heap as Twitter – vacuous natter.  But my insistence to master the fundamentals of modern technology drives me nonetheless to address it.  I am also consuming a great deal of my time amending profiles on a number of other material web sites since I lately changed a common email address (to correct at long last a stupid spelling mistake made by Bell years ago).  The repercussions of such trivial modification are incredible!  This is especially true now that so many sites are connected to one another and because we have no less than five computing devices with us on this trip alone (four fewer than we have when on home turf if you can believe it).
We recovered the warmth of the divan for a couple of hours and awoke again shortly after seven o’clock. The machinery of breakfast kicked in immediately fueled by our perpetual and wonted hunger.  Again the choreography of the affair was by now practised and efficient.  Thus it was that we were well set by no later than 9:30 am to commence our now statutory morning bicycle ride, a convention we have refined as both predictable and mandatory.  We also knew that a jaunt upon the sandy beach was an adventure which could best wait until later in the day when the tide was further out and the beach had sufficiently drained. By agreement our cycling constitutional took us upon a relaxed roll to Harbour Town.  There we stopped to take some photographs of the yacht club and of one another, explore the local haberdashery and sagely paused for an unhurried coffee at the Lighthouse Café.  It was all essentially a rewind of what we have done for the past three years though nonetheless rewarding.

Around noon our paths diverged briefly to permit me the indulgence of my daily and highly personal visit to the Island Car Wash, a ceremony which apes my traditional custom at home.  I thrive upon a clean automobile particularly here where the hands-on service is exceptional.  It is trite to say it, but a clean car always seems to run more smoothly. In the short time that we have been on Hilton Head Island the employees at the car wash have already identified me as obsessive and they capitalize upon my obsession.  They make certain that I am watching them as they apply the extra touches to the ceremony of drying and polishing the car.  I return the favour by ensuring that my attention is noticeable and by rewarding them commensurately, something I am only too pleased to do.

As we now have all necessary provisions for our various meals we wasted no time in preparing and serving the mid-day meal upon my return from the car wash.  It wasn’t long afterwards that the sight of the sunshine on the beach prompted me – as always – to take my leave of the condominium and set out on another bicycle tour, this time a large swing around Sea Pines from one side to another.

The distinguishing feature of the day’s events was that I prepared the evening meal.  Even this however is a routine which, though infrequent, is regular.  And it goes without saying that the meal I prepared was as usual Caribbean pasta, sliced tomatoes, green pepper, sundried tomatoes, chopped olives, garlic, oil and vinegar topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

The end of the day is a typical wallow in front of the television screen before at last succumbing to the healthful effect of good food and fresh air.  But in spite of the repetition and lack of singularity we haven’t any misgivings.  Indeed, what’s not to like?

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