Friday, February 3, 2012

The Daunting Task of Doing Nothing

At the risk of espousing pop psychology, even if you aren’t inclined to market yourself as a Type-A personality, most people have some difficulty justifying themselves by doing nothing. And for those of us who are uncomfortable relying upon Mr. Mitt Romney’s assurance that the poor need not worry because there is a safety net in place, I wager the majority of us would prefer to fulfill our dreams by doing something. As a result we happily drag ourselves out of the lair every morning, pacifically and routinely prepare ourselves for another day in harness and head for the mines at least resignedly if not in fact with a whistle on our lips and a skip in our step. The undertaking may indeed be encumbered by the fear that no matter how hard or how long one works you’ll never get ahead; but nonetheless on the balance most of us are satisfied to play out the role of production if for no other reason than to avoid the stark possibility that we’ve accomplished nothing.