Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lost in Space

Fortunately I have never allowed myself to become attached to any particular medium in which to record my resounding nothings.  Whether the platform was my plastic-covered diary, ledger books, type-written pages, computer logs, internet blog or web site, they have in succession all come and gone.  Today for example I lost connection to my web site ("Error establishing a database connection").  Initially it perturbed me to see the error message but I quickly rebounded even though only as recently as yesterday I completed the cut-'n-paste to that site of everything of value I have written in the past four years.  What is important for me is that I have at least one vehicle to use for my on-going expositions; it really doesn't matter whether they're recorded for historical purposes.  Admittedly I was prompted to collate my articles by the thought of one day publishing them but even my quick investigation of that process has turned me off.  It has always been only about the process of writing.  There is naturally some attraction to having the production appear on a blog because the internet lends such clinical precision to the effort.