Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Christmastime Story

This is a true story, one which I heard on CBC radio many years ago around Christmastime. One of the radio listeners - a woman - called CBC to relate the events which had recently transpired.

The woman had been doing some Christmas shopping at Freeman’s in the By Ward Market. As so often happens in these punishing circumstances, the woman became tired by her efforts and she therefore sought out a place to repose for a moment. She had also purchased a Kit Kat chocolate bar and thought she might usefully energize herself by enjoying it with a drink.

The woman headed to the basement of Freeman’s where there was a dairy bar notorious for its malted milkshakes. There were only a few tables and all of them were occupied. At one table there sat an elderly gentleman; there was a second chair at his table which was unoccupied. Knowing that it was Christmas the woman ventured to prevail upon the gentleman’s kindness by asking whether she might join him, to which he unsurprisingly consented. What however transpired more than surprised the woman.

The woman settled into her chair and put down her packages, then opened her Kit Kat chocolate bar and broke off one finger of the chocolate-covered wafer. To her utter amazement, the seemingly mild mannered gentleman also broke off a finger of the biscuit and consumed it slowly. The woman thought to herself that she wouldn’t say anything by way of objection in view of the Season. But when the gentleman proceeded to help himself to a second of the remaining two fingers, she drew herself up and let the gentleman know in no uncertain terms her frustration. She hurriedly gathered up her things and departed indignantly and with an audible huff. The gentleman did nothing but stare blankly.

When the woman arrived home, as she was searching for her house keys, she discovered her unopened Kit Kat in her purse.

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