Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunny Day at the Beach

On the heels of the temperature having approached 65˚F yesterday afternoon, we were somewhat unprepared today on our early morning bicycle ride for temperatures closer to freezing. In point of fact we were rather under-dressed all considered, sans woolen gloves or hats. When however we came into the direct sunlight, away from the overhanging trees on the bicycle paths, we knew it would not be long before things improved. The vibrant blue skies soon provided ample radiant heat.

Our initial hike took us in search of a local hamburger joint but we were unable to rediscover it. So we headed back to Coligny Beach at the end of South Forest Beach Road and commenced our cycle into the wind towards the north end of the Island. Our goal was to reach Marker 100 (since I had only been able to make it to Marker 96 several days ago before reluctantly spinning back). As it turns out one can only get to Marker 97 before being confronted by a stone wall (mounds of boulders) separating an inlet from the other side of the beach. We paused there to stretch our legs and to gander at the surroundings.

Then we returned along the beach, flying with the wind at our backs, until we reached Marker 40 (just north of our condominium), where we cut off through the woods to the paved bike path and made our way to a café in Harbour Town. There we ordered a club sandwich and milk. We shared a sticky bun for dessert. The place was packed with vacationers, many with small children, one of whom was playing with his Christmas computer at rather high volume (at least until daddy thankfully shut him up). Even the older patrons had their noses stuck into their smart phones, examining photos and checking email. Following our lunch we poked around Harbour Town and the yacht club. It amazes me to see the dense level of development in what otherwise appears to be a park-like setting.

By the time we regained the condominium, we had been out for 4½ hours. Although my knees were showing their age, I couldn’t resist the brilliant afternoon sunshine. I made my way back to the beach. This time however I ended by letting the bike down on the sand near the dunes. I doffed my fisherman-knit sweater and used it as a pillow, then lay down and dozed in the sun for a half-hour.

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