Thursday, December 27, 2012

Le Bien Être

Progressively the manacles of the workforce are falling from me and I am acclimatizing myself to the locale both in fact and metaphorically.  This morning’s rising sun and clear skies brought the assurance of another fine day.  After our predictable breakfast of fruit, coffee, muffin and one egg we bundled ourselves in woolen fisherman knit sweaters, gloves and tuques and set off on our one-speed bicycles along the beach, into the wind (to have the advantage of it upon our return).  The broad face of the unpopulated beach was welcome refreshment, as we breathed deeply to capture all that is good in the Atlantic sea air, savouring the glittering sunshine.  After we reached the most southerly point of our adventure, we swung back to retrace our passage, this time with effortless swiftness.

Since last year (when we first discovered Signe’s Heaven Bound Bakery & Café after I had overheard people talking about it while reading my book next to the sea grasses at the edge of the hotel pool) the lemon crumble cake has been a recurrent theme.  So following our ablutions we determined to revisit the spot to punctuate our mid-morning affairs (which included an aside of grocery shopping and of course having the car detailed).  We munched upon our cake and drowned it in milk.

It was impossible to remain anywhere but out-of-doors today.  Immediately upon our return to the condominium, I donned my bicycle gear once again and ended by consuming three more hours cycling up and down the beach, stopping occasionally to take a photo.  The glow I now feel from the afternoon sunshine will in a moment be enhanced by a splash of France’s clear liquor, supplemented by some smoked salmon.

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