Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve in South Carolina

I don’t imagine there is anywhere on earth that New Year’s Eve doesn’t involve an element of entertainment and merriment.  Being by the Atlantic Ocean adds a further feature of festivity particularly when, on a day of dazzling sunshine and warm temperatures such as today, the beach is flecked by throngs of families playing with one another, throwing balls for their barking pets and sitting about in beach chairs and chatting.  The regular shrieks of children heighten the carnival air.
On this New Year’s Eve we began our day much as we always do, commencing around 5:00 a.m. with the routine coffee and silent perusal of our accustomed web sites and email.  We did however elevate our typical breakfast in a small way by having bacon and corn bread with our “over easy” fried egg.  Then, when the sun had risen sufficiently on the distant horizon of the Ocean and sky, we bundled ourselves in sweaters, coats, gloves and hats and pushed off for our habitual early morning bicycle ride.

Our cycling exploration took us along several new routes which amusingly – and quite unintentionally - ended where we began, though from a different direction.  It has been over a week that we have been on the Island and we have bicycled every day.  Today we are “feeling it” as the saying goes.  As wholesome as the exercise is, there is little doubt that our joints and muscles are betraying their erstwhile neglect.
We resolved to lunch at the condo today rather than visit a local restaurant as we frequently do.  We had a store of a variety of sandwiches and desserts which we had previously purchased at Fresh Market, a local up-scale food emporium.  A follow-up of a large glass of milk was all we needed!
Afterwards I was unable to resist the call of the glittering beach even though I had previously complained about my sore legs.  I bicycled towards Coligny Beach Park (against the wind) then doubled back to the condo, outside of which and on the dunes I set down my bicycle and lay on the beach for about twenty minutes, absorbing the warm sunshine and sensing the glow upon my face.  I suspect I briefly drifted into sleep for I caught myself making uncouth noises.

Refreshed I hauled my bicycle up from the beach, loaded my fisherman-knit sweater into the basket and pedaled towards Harbour Town in the opposite direction from which I had earlier cycled.  I was traveling into the sun with the wind at my back and it was surprisingly warm.  As it was still only mid-afternoon I further protracted my tour by retracing my early path along the beach but at last I knew I had pushed myself as far as I could go.
Back at the condo, we began formulating our private conspiracies for this evening’s affair.  We are perfectly content to stay in.  Chef has contrived a meal which I know will prove to be delicious.  We have some excellent appetizers from which to choose and of course the mandatory bottle of Champagne.
Cheers!  And Happy New Year!

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