Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why I'm voting for Donald Trump

There are just too many people, organizations, movements and institutions that already object to much of what I do or think to persuade me to alter my view of Donald Trump. Long ago I stopped being impressed by contrary opinions generally.  Not just because they were contrary but because they had no substance or were playing upon sensitivities to their own advantage and for no other purpose. Really! Who for example in their right mind in the year 2016 pretends to get offended by coarse language! The worst I can say about coarse language is that it lacks imagination; but to portray its usage as less than presidential is preposterous beyond belief!  Do you really think politicians don't regularly lapse into the vernacular when they're not in public!  Give me a break!  Wake up!  Let's start dealing with the real world!

And if the Republican inner circle imagines it advances its objectives to reel at the publicity of off-colour statements about women, Muslims and Mexicans, then I can only conclude they are living on another planet.  Don't get me wrong, my objection is not that those statements are not harmful and misleading, but I don't for a minute think that burying the prejudice will do anything to advance the improvement of the cause.  We have to address reality not some Cinderella world of fantasy witches. Besides it doesn't do any good to tell a bigot he is a bigot!  You've got to meet him on his own turf and talk about what's really irking him.  These heated superficial reactions which politicians normally attempt to dilute to the point of disinterest or tastelessness are only the symptom not the cause.  Anyone in their right mind knows we're basically all the same no matter what our gender, colour or religion; but we similarly have to acknowledge we all harbour dislikes and preferences, that we're all capable of hostility and that from time to time we all feel the need to protect our territory.

As for the theory that Mr. Trump will single-handedly lead America into a world war, I doubt it.  The government of the United States of America has always been managed by a council of authorities, many of whom we have to hope and believe have superior ability and insight.  To think that Mr. Trump is going to make all the critical decisions on his own, unaided by counsel and intelligence, is absurd. How soon we forget that all we ever hear from Congress is that the Republicans and Democrats are locked in confrontation, unable to do anything!  Since when will Mr. Trump overcome that congenital obstruction!

Without question people are relating to Mr. Trump. Apart from his alleged offensive behaviour (which pretty much reflects the bullying, arrogance and flagrant materialism which many people already attribute to Americans generally, at least on the international stage), I rather like his element of earthiness.  He talks to people; he doesn't lecture.  He says what many people are thinking even though most politicians obviously consider it dangerous to do so.  Amateurs like Marco Rubio were an ephemeral imitation, proving there is more to Mr. Trump than mere theatrics. If vulgarity were the only answer, why didn't it work for Mr. Rubio?

The fact that Mr. Trump has seemingly embraced racists and Christians at the same time is no paradox in my mind.  I can't imagine a more bigoted and blindly harmful group than Christians; and I certainly haven't seen much lately from the Christians to pull the country together.  Divisiveness would be closer to the truth. From a strictly pragmatic point of view (and Mr. Trump has to be given credit for being pragmatic, after all he wants to win), I see nothing wrong with appealing to the common denominator of any number of groups.  If nothing else, who is he to decide which group or another is worthy of admission to his fold of supporters!  Even Christ purportedly welcomed harlots and criminals!  So what's the big deal!

Similarly the accusation that Mr. Trump hasn't an agenda or that he vacillates from one to another within the same scope is hardly a demerit.  I'd prefer to have someone in power who is not dogmatic, who is prepared to be convinced to alter his view, to negotiate.  Any good lawyer knows your opening gambit is stronger than you're prepared to accept in settlement. And I have seen so many occasions on which a platform has proven to be incorrect that I see nothing wrong with an about-face on almost anything.  What however I haven't seen is anything which leads me to believe that Mr. Trump has it in one for particular group.  The Muslim and Mexican thing is a matter of keeping nefarious elements out, not eliminating what is already in.  Certainly it creates some unwanted and potentially harmful sentiments for those groups but it is nothing that doesn't already exist.  Mr. Mitt Romney is hardly one to point the finger!  We all know his thoughts about the 45% supported by the rich!  It's time to face the facts and stop plugging our ears and closing our eyes.

Calling Mr. Trump an egomaniac is something I think could be safely said about any number of politicians.  When however Mr. Trump is criticized for having an inflated view of his personal worth, I think he is in pretty good company and the accusation amounts to little.  I have yet to meet a man on any rung of the economic ladder who doesn't value his property at more than might be sustainable on almost any other scale.

Finally it is indisputable that the current movement in favour of both Mr. Trump and Mr. Bernie Sanders borders on a revolution (as Mr. Sanders himself calls it).  The sheep of America are educated enough to see the abuse of their slave owners, the self-interested money class. Mr. Sanders calling the Sam Walton family America's biggest welfare recipients is just the beginning! The current political class (epitomized by Mr. Romney and his buffoon colleagues like Mr. Paul Ryan) are illustrative of the poisonous taradiddle being practiced regularly. Their leadership is a deceit, the unapologetic and unmitigated product of shameless self-interest! Their agenda would stand far more chance of digestion if they were as forthright about their objectives and themselves as Mr. Trump has been (though that would give new meaning to vulgarity).

The other reality about Mr. Trump is that with time he will of necessity move closer and closer to the centre, it's just the way things work.  If he is elected - as I hope he is - he will sooner than later become drowned in the mediocrity of the system.  In the meantime there's a good chance he'll shake up the establishment and move the whole incrementally towards some much needed renovation though there will certainly be some abrasiveness in the process.

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