Monday, May 2, 2016

Rejoining the Herd

Last evening I had a long telephone conversation with my physician who for the instant has alighted in Town before soon departing again for the other side of the Atlantic. Though I have in the past two weeks since our return home reconnected sporadically with friends and acquaintances, today's encounters were unexpectedly and pleasantly sustained. Perhaps being in the mix on Mill Street before ten o'clock this Monday morning contributed to the intensity.

I began the day by trekking to Bank of Montreal to make a deposit.  We had attempted to make the identical deposit on the weekend but the ATM would not accept it (due to its size according to my favourite teller). When I completed the task with my favourite teller I asked whether I might meet the new Financial Service Manager with whom I had exchanged emails during the winter.  True to form my favourite teller went out of his way to make that happen.  I subsequently learned that the Manager hailed from Newfoundland, a distinction to which I instantly warmed as it reminded me of my days at law school in Nova Scotia where my first year roommate was from St. John's, Nfld. The Manager and I did however preserve the customary commercial distance in spite of what I mistakenly thought might have proved to be a closer alliance. Nonetheless it fulfilled my curiosity to complete the circle of our tenuous banking relationship.

As I was about to leave the Bank I encountered a former client whom I consider both intelligent and attractive. She updated me with concise information about her, her husband and family.  Subsequently I chatted with another former client who was clearly preoccupied with her commercial transaction so it was a short communication.  Outside the bank I passed a gentleman in the street.  To my surprise (since I cannot recall his name though I recognized him) he wished me a happy return to Almonte. In retrospect I wish I had paused to chat with him but the moment was not to be. I know his charming wife by sight as well but each remains enigmatic.

When I reinstalled myself in the car to prepare to go to Ottawa to see my mother, another former client passed in the street.  We ended having a protracted discussion which largely centred upon her autistic son, someone who has always caught my attention for his singular intelligence and generally appealing personality. He is the grandson of another couple for whom I acted as well.  I learned from the boy's mother that his grandmother is now battling cancer.

The interlude which followed involved what has become almost a spiritual visit to the City. I went directly to the Petro-Canada gas station on Hazeldean Road east of Carp Road where there is a Glide car wash.  The station property is new, expansive and well appointed. What however commends it more than anything is that the car wash has been tweaked recently.  It now performs better than it did before.  As well I have discovered an adjoining Tim Horton's where I now purchase my mother's favourite flavoured coffee drink (complete with whipped cream).  All in all the visit to the gas station is an outing which combines the conclusion of the three objectives; namely, gas, car wash and coffee.

In Ottawa, aside from connecting with my mother, I dropped into my sister's house to deliver two old blankets we no longer use.  They're for my niece who said she would be pleased to have them.

Once back in Almonte I decided to stop for an espresso coffee at Equator Coffee.  Upon getting out of my car I received a telephone call from another former client who called to wish us a happy return to Almonte.  She and her husband (and their son) are former clients as well.  I like them all; they're gentle people.  I began working for her father-in-law (now deceased) exactly 40 years ago.  Apart from catching up on family affairs, we discussed her menagerie of animals which includes a 1½ year old miniature donkey, a horse and formerly a parrot and an English bulldog.

The crowning touch upon this day of conviviality was our meeting with our Landlords this evening to execute the extension of our residential lease for a further three-year term up to February 29, 2020.  In view of my undisguised admiration for this apartment it affords me incalculable satisfaction to know that we are secure in our tenure.

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