Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Last Day on the Beach (2016)

Imperceptibly over the course of an hour upon awakening this morning, we resolved to leave Hilton Head Island tomorrow instead of two days later as planned. The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow and the next day so there isn't much point lingering here. After five months on the Island we are of course content to get on our way; in fact, we're somewhat anxious to return home in a general way.

As I had done nothing to prepare for our return, I had yet to attack the packing.  But I couldn't attend to that until after I returned from my scheduled dental appointment (teeth cleaning) at nine o'clock this morning. That meeting went very satisfactorily and I was out of there by ten o'clock.  However when I returned to the condominium I decided that I would first go for one final bike ride on the beach. The beach has been the central focus of my life here for the past five months.  I have frequently contemplated its upcoming deprivation (though admittedly I am assuaged in any possible nervousness in view of our planned return November next).

There was a gale force northerly wind on the beach which naturally made it extremely difficult for me when cycling into it.  The enterprise was made more difficult by the rising tide which of course contributed to the wetness of the sand.  Although I managed to make it through the initial stage near Tower Beach, and though I had hoped to make it as far as Beach Club, I reluctantly gave up half-way there and exited onto Beach Lagoon (near Turtle Lane).

When I wound my way back to South Sea Pines Drive I detoured to Sea Pines Bicycle Rentals where I spoke with a pleasant clerk and arranged to have our bikes collected either later today or tomorrow. The cycle home afterwards was pleasant.  I hummed to myself as I cycled.  There was unquestionably a degree of excitement in our looming departure.

Thankfully I saved all the plastic shopping bags which I had collected over the past five months from various purchases (sweaters, shorts, smalls, Polo shirts, mini sound system, etc.). Most of our stuff has now been loaded into the car starting with my portable piano keyboard. The back seat of the car is almost stuffed to the limit.  The trunk is also bulging, barely enough room remaining for our two suitcases and several other small bags, pillows and duvet which we have yet to pack tomorrow morning. An interesting derivative of the packing process was an accounting of what I brought here from Canada but never used, mostly woollen sweaters (cardigans) and long pants.

We notified the estate agency of our premature departure, primarily to check for any mail (there was none). Then we sent an email to my sister and her husband (who are in Naples, FLA) to let them know.  Further we terminated the suspension of our phone, TV and internet service at home so that it is functional upon our return in about three days. Naturally we subsequently received from Bell Canada a series of preposterous emails containing contradictory information about what we had just done on-line to effect the cancellation of the suspension of service.  Considering we have been obliged to contact Bell every month for the past five months to require correction of errors on our monthly statements, it was no surprise to receive this additional codswallop from Bell.

Although we planned the amortization of our food supplies fairly accurately (had we been staying here another two days), we will be obliged to leave a number of items in the refrigerator. We are well stocked for our last dinner this evening (ribs, wings, salad, yoghurt and oranges) and for breakfast tomorrow morning (eggs, ham, tomatoes, onions, green pepper, cheese, Ciabatta bread, salted butter and peanut butter and coffee).

There remains only to amuse ourselves with the final vestiges of political prattle surrounding the Republican nomination primaries (specifically Donald Trump and all that he entails) and possibly the few last episodes of "Frasier" on Netflix. Oh, and packing our Apple TV device. I have to say I'll enjoy not going for a bike ride tomorrow or the next two days. The daily cycling for the past five months has unquestionably wearied my system; a break will be welcome.

In short it has been a terrific five months on Hilton Head Island since last November.  We're delighted to be returning this coming November. We've already booked a condominium in the same property, but a more modern rendition on the second floor directly overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  And in the meantime we have the favour of anticipating a late summer journey to New Brunswick (St. Andrews-by-the-Sea). Except for weekend trips to Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, this will be the first time I have revisited the East Coast for over thirty years.

Our ride home will consume the usual three days, a routine we've established over the past six years when traveling back and forth from Canada to Hilton Head Island.  We have altered our original plans on this trip to exclude an overnight stay in North Carolina in reaction to that State's recent enactment of a stupid, bigoted, religiously-based legislation. North Carolina regrettably continues to epitomize everything that is lower class and uneducated about the former Confederacy. Anybody who accuses Donald Trump of racism or bigotry needs to take a hard look at Southern Baptists.

We expect that the next two days on the Island will in any event be swamped with visitors for the RBC Heritage PGA Tour at Harbour Town.  This means Sea Pines will be inundated with traffic of every description so our early departure is no misfortune. We have by now restored the condominium to its status when we moved in last November.  Gone are the indicia of our personalities. We're  temporarily living in a hotel room.  It helps too that the view of Calibogue Sound is grey and uninviting this evening.  Normally the setting sun has put on a spectacular show of romance and promise.

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