Friday, April 8, 2016

Fuck you!

Nothing quite so succinctly captures a dismissal as the expletive "Fuck you!" Oddly it is an imprecation suitable to almost anyone, young or old, staid or whacky, man or woman. It does of course have the advantage of being direct and easily understood.  It similarly does not admit to ambiguity or misinterpretation. The possibility of inviting comment or correspondence is slim; it normally represents a conclusion rather than an initiative.

Armchair psychiatrists embrace the profanity as a liberating vehicle, usually aligned with an emotional catharsis rather than the product of a well considered syllogism. For that reason it is often equated with frustration and may therefore inadvertently cultivate the perception of a corresponding lack of intellect. I certainly agree in some circumstances but I also acknowledge that it may instead represent the height of incisiveness.  At times there is only one way to surmount the pusillanimity of socially correct behaviour, and that is to be blunt. Such bluntness has the effect of reducing the frivolousness of namby-pamby  behaviour. It speedily eliminates unnecessary debate.

Because of the irrevocable nature of the comment it is wise to recall that its use should be carefully weighed.  It pretty much guarantees that building bridges subsequently will be a challenge. This of course assumes that there is a degree of planning surrounding the employment of the obscenity, something which is not always a given.  On the other hand, many of the anxieties which promote the use of this strong language have simmered for a long time, sometimes for many, many years.  The decision to set sail may appear abrupt but it can also be highly orchestrated, part of a calculated and determined effort.

I like to think that my own exploitation of this particular vernacular is the result of serious contemplation. My progress in this introspection has been prompted by a number of recent and current events. There was a time when my inclination would always have been to accommodate differences or at least suppress my contradiction of them.  To adopt instead the retort "Fuck you!" is not in keeping with that particular tact. What has changed in my thinking is that I am making my own observations about the conduct of others far more critical, to the point where I am willing to confront the frozen truth about people without the adultery of compassion, forgiveness and charity. This so-called admission of "reality" is liberating in more than one respect. Aside from enabling myself, it also clears the path to an unqualified assessment of the matter or people under consideration.

There are many factors which go into the making of a clear appraisal of fact. First and foremost one must dispel the inherent prejudice to sustain the existing model which is a tactical decision often buoyed by less than generous "pragmatic" choices. The second prerequisite is to delineate the truth of the relationship, again - what it is, not what you would have liked it to have been.  Finally, after having dispelled the bias and the fiction, it is imperative to act upon the intelligence, take a stand, vote yes or no, jump in or out.

As I have wasted so much of my time already upon disguising the quality of my relationships and their utility in my life, it was at last fairly easy for me to conclude what had to be done. I confess that my bottom line may be more metaphorical than otherwise; that is, I seriously doubt that I will do what I may be inclined to do. But oh the temptation is alluring!

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