Friday, March 4, 2016

Windy Day

From where I was on the beach today the roiling Ocean appeared to be above me, a massive pool straining to break its banks.  The sea was being churned by a gale force wind from the northeast, seemingly pushing the burgeoning volumes of water to breach its natural bounds. The Ocean had the appearance of a huge bowl of soup which might spill over its edges, in danger of slopping out of its vast container.

From my entry point at Tower Beach it was work cycling on the beach into the wind towards Coligny Park. As much as I rejoiced in the marvellously fresh air, the wind, the sun and the cerulean skies, it became clear I wouldn't make it past Beach Club.  The tide was rapidly rising; the beach narrowed proportionately; and I was practically peddling backwards.  I headed towards Beach Club and sequestered myself from the turmoil of the beach. There was a noticeable lack of traffic on the beach even in this popular area.

What relief it was to cycle along the paths in the corridor of sea pines and palm trees, out of the wind.  In no time I was at Coligny Park.  Again I noticed diminished traffic in this area.  People had obviously been alerted to the strength of the winds though I had no idea how.  Do they rely upon their iPhone weather App?

After resting momentarily at the Park, I headed again for the beach, this time southward with the wind at my back.  And I flew!  At times the wisps of sand created thousands of tiny projections on the face of the beach; at other times, the beach was polished smooth as a mirror. The wind had its own fabric and it raced ahead of me, faster than I could pedal to keep pace with the revolutions of the wheels. 

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