Monday, February 29, 2016

Thanks be to the gods!

I have no intention of evaporating or blending in with the wallpaper before acknowledging the beneficence of my private universe! I am tempted to observe that even if my exquisite luck were to change for the worse, I owe it to the unseen powers to preserve unbending gratitude for all that I now have and have once enjoyed.  At my advanced age and given my history of indulgence and serendipity, it would amount to unforgivable thanklessness to do otherwise.  Life owes me nothing!

How remiss I were to overlook the unparalleled bliss of my existence! This is no comparative remark. Nor is it meaningless obiter dicta. My appreciation is justified credit to the random forces of nature and well-deserved approbation of the singular features of my life which have been so liberally bestowed upon me. I am simply responding to the invigoration of life, the swell of life's strength, the unmistakeable sense of well being. While I consider it a coup to have got this far reasonably unscathed, I am quick to note that for as long as I can remember I have viewed my lot as one of unqualified fortune. This isn't some dizzy airhead accommodation. Certainly I have experienced moments when I recognized that my path in life could have been much different had I chosen another direction at particular crossroads but such wistful thoughts are utterly meaningless. If nothing else it rather defeats the marvel of life to imagine that one had the power to change its outcome! Far better it is to capitulate to the reality of one's being and to live with it, hopefully gleefully and not regretfully.

It is equally undeniable that the pleasure of one's current circumstances tends to outweigh any historic anomalies. But I see no value in reliving any past disturbances other than to triumph over their defeat. It is more than a logical subterfuge to adopt a forward-thinking attitude. Even that biblical stuff about looking back and turning to a pillar of salt is an apocryphal reminder of the danger of rearview longings.

The accelerating speed at which life transpires is more than a casual concern. Proportionately I am inclined to capitalize whenever possible upon any whim if for no other reason than to avoid missing something, whether a duty or a treat (and both are similarly compelling). Oh certainly it is hardly unendurable to submit to another sunny day next to the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by palm trees! But to quell such enthusiasm is for naught.  One must embrace the vicissitudes of life whatever they are!

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