Friday, January 29, 2016

A Grand Day!

This morning I broadly hinted I was done with what must by now have become a perilously unvaried repetition of my undiminished rapture for this place. Already I have reiterated my utter sense of fortune to be here. But I simply must report that today was perhaps one of the most pleasant we've had on the Island! A moment ago when exiting the beach at Tower Beach I exclaimed to two wayfarers on the boardwalk, "It's a grand day!"

I was a child playing at the beach today.  I sailed like a seagull banking into an Ocean breeze.  The sun at my back was warm. The sand was dry; the tide had pulled away disclosing a wide band. As though to punctuate the day four almost indistinct fighter jets in formation flew high overhead making a sound as clear as the blue, blue sky.

There remained nothing of the erstwhile Arctic air.  It was a warm wind off the land from the West.  I effortlessly rode my bicycle directly into the sunshine which reflected in a widening wedge of dazzling white light upon the face of the sea.  The wind blew the cobwebs from my head and sanitized my mind. Deep breaths of fresh air braced me.

Normally I succumb to a degree of lethargy after an hour of cycling but today I couldn't get enough of it. Nature's ingredients had combined to produce a spectacular rendition.

More than once I felt compelled to stop to take photos though I knew nothing I did would successfully capture the enchantment of the day.

When we first arrived on the Island we frequently cycled for 3 - 4 hours each day.  I have since discovered that this enthusiasm may be unwittingly deleterious.  My knee joints and lower back have told me to whittle the breadth of our outings.  As a result we have lately reconsidered our regular route.  I thought I might further narrow my scope today but it was impossible to resist the exploit on the beach in spite of the strength of the headwind on the way home. I seemingly had boundless energy, invigorated by the perfect seashore conditions. Nonetheless when I made it home and parked my bike, I was just as pleased to relax as is my custom with a cup of strong, black coffee. Meanwhile I continued to stare at the declining sun over the Sound.

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