Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year’s Day (2014)

I can’t imagine having spent a more lethargic day, the celebratory first day of the New Year. Compared to many mornings we slept late until something approaching six o’clock.  After our typical matutinal ceremony on the computers and a healthful breakfast of black coffee, fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, English muffin and granola we succumbed to our indolence and smothered ourselves once again under mountains of blankets, sheets and pillows for a most gratifying mid-morning snooze.  When we revived before noon we were freed the nagging obligation to venture out-of-doors by the uninterrupted drizzle. Cheerfully we capitulated to watching New Year’s Day movie specials on the television.  Of course we broke up the proceedings long enough for another round of sustaining nourishment.

By four o’clock in the afternoon however our badgering angst got the better of us and we succeeded to thrust ourselves onto the damp beach for a short walk along with the few others who on New Year’s Day or Doomsday would take their constitutional.  The scene on the beach was forlorn.  Even the seagulls had abandoned the uncommonly blank and grey panorama. The only entertainment was the scene of two little girls and their father, all carrying tiny colourful umbrellas, who by their spasmodic and uncalculated movements appeared to enact a modern ballet on the beach.

Having fulfilled our duty we were back inside in short order.  I expiated my guilt at having done nothing throughout the entire day by filing an annual report with the Law Society.  In doing so I marveled at the technology which permitted me to do so.  This was an effortless task which within recent memory was tedious.  Though it is but a small complement to say so, I have augmented my tech savvy by prosecuting my use of two social media, Facebook and LinkedIn.  I make no secret of my disdain for social media which I equate universally to vacuous natter and indulgent advertisement. Nonetheless I feel an onus to acquaint myself with the sites sufficiently to make a knowledgeable decision.  My opinion remains unaltered though I satisfy myself to say I fathom the process better.  I have yet to tackle Twitter but I am in no hurry.

Our uneventful day drew to an equally unexciting close. The New Year has begun neither with a bang nor a whimper.  We ease our way into the next episode of our life and all is good!

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