Friday, July 15, 2011

A Walk Through the Forest

I can’t recall where I first read or heard the following tale, but it was a long time ago and it yet lingers with me all these years.

The device is reputed to have been the work of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lin Yu Tang. The thrust of this “game” is that one must answer the questions spontaneously, without hesitation or reservation, and your answers then predict some interesting features of your particular personality. Surprise! What we say says something about us!

Okay, so let’s begin.

Tea Cup

You are walking through the forest and you come upon a tea cup. Describe it. Don’t stop to think about it, just say what comes instantly to your mind!

Interpretation: If you see a broken, dirty cup partly embedded in the soil, you are realistic. If you see a pretty cup with floral designs you are artistic. If you see a white cup you are practical. If you see a cup with a lip (as opposed to merely straight sides) you are deceptive. If the handle is missing, you are inclined to be critical.


As you continue walking through the forest, you look up. What do you see? Again, answer quickly, no hesitation!

Interpretation: If you see a patch of blue or the sun, you are optimistic. If you see clouds, you are uninterested in others. If you see nothing but more branches of the trees, you lack foresight. If you see nothing but a “regular” sky (mixture of sun and cloud) you are unimaginative.


Once again as you continue your walk through the forest, you come upon a pond. Describe it.

Interpretation: If you see lilies and frogs, you are highly sexed (living things). If you see a placid pool of water and reflection, you are manipulative. If you see weeds and smell unpleasant things, you are perverted.

The Hedge

Continuing along you come upon a hedge, as high as you can see, stretching from left to right as far as you can see. How do you get through it?

Interpretation: If you decide to push directly through it, you are intrepid. If you decide to cut your way through it using a mechanical device you are resourceful. If you decide to walk around it by investigating its furthest limits you are patient.

The Wall

When you eventually get on the other side of the hedge, you come upon a wall, as high as you can see, stretching from left to right as far as you can see. What’s on the other side?

Interpretation: If you see a farm house, you believe in God. If you see nothing but a field you are pragmatic. If you see any number of other things, houses, crops, etc., you are imaginative.

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