Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ephemeral Bliss

It isn’t often one can say that everything combines in perfect harmony, lending an air of boomps-a-daisy; but when it does - as it does for me today - the event is worth recording.

The good news starts with the weather, a sticky wicket at best in Canada in the middle of January. Today we are blessed with a dome of faint blue sky - albeit it a frozen one - which shows off to exceeding advantage the vapours of heat billowing from the large stone chimney of the Old Post Office across the street. The vapours, being tossed about by a light wind, are accented even further by the happy coincidence of the dazzling sun being immediately behind them, effectively igniting their appearance. Knowing as I did early this morning as I glanced out the kitchen window while putting on the nose bag that the weather would be fine, I capitalized upon the opportunity by determining to walk to work. It is perhaps an undertaking of small consequence, given the destination is probably no more than a mile and a bit from home, but for one such as I who is very much enamoured of the automobile it is a significant concession (though I admit a positive one). Given the brisk temperatures, I bundled myself in several layers of wool, beginning with a cardigan, then a sweater coat from Prince Edward Island and finally a traditional duffle coat. About my neck were two silk scarves (one à l’ascot, the other a regular long one which I wound about me). My gloves were as well of tawny wool with dark brown leather palm pads. On my head, a multi-coloured wool toque. Shod with my thick and fur-lined leather boots I was like a stuffed snowman, ready for the cold!

It will come as no surprise to learn that my early morning jaunt was amply rewarded with both the feeling of bien être and the expiable satisfaction of knowing I was doing something healthful. Besides, the views up and down the River were spectacular, a skiff of ice seemingly growing by the minute upon the surface as the dark and bulging waters made their way to the Falls. There weren’t many others like me on the cold morning highway, and those whom I saw were the regulars whom one sees always, some dedicated athletes, others too poor to afford any other form of local transportation.

I confess that my mercurial mood swings are as much a product of the current state of affairs of my small business as that of anything else. As luck would have it I am today enjoying one of those troughs between the past two week’s frantic diligence and the upcoming week for completion of those transactions. Indeed it often happens that the beginning and end of the month are tarnished by the stress of occupation while the middle of the month is an abyss of calm. As I say, however, I intend to do more than lapse into a sedative state. With little need of encouragement I was able to enjoy the luxury of leisurely visiting a number of matters which were put forward on my diary for completion at a later date. In spite of my mother’s constant assurance not to worry, “it will get done”, I find I derive considerable profit from addressing outstanding matters when I have the chance to do so, no doubt because it satisfies my perpetual urge to produce. In a climate where urgency is not the motivation, the satisfaction is doubled. In addition careful and measured attention to a matter can produce some value-added features. It quite delights me how many refinements are uncovered by matters thoughtfully and unhurriedly considered. It is perhaps one of the advantages of being a real estate conveyancer in the electronic age that Her Majesty’s minions at Service Ontario will ultimately uncover any of our shortcomings, but it’s preferable to beat them to the punch without having to be told you were wrong. All this is to say, just one more indicia of the perfection of the day!

As much as misery loves company, so too does happiness. My partner and I rallied - pointedly very near the Liquor Control Board whence he had so recently emerged - to complete the refreshing walk home for lunch. We enjoyed a hot and spicy homemade soup, some dry toast and fruit for dessert. We were bathed in the mid-afternoon sunshine as we ate. Then it was back to the office for me, this time somewhat of a struggle in light of my general lack of tone in affairs athletic, but I made it.

Immediately upon my return to work I threw myself at an impurity revealed in my morning efforts, a nicety which before leaving for lunch I realized had been overlooked. Thanks to direct communication with the Parties involved - in itself a unique occurrence - I not only produced the required documentation but also had it signed and forwarded. Signed, sealed and delivered. I mean to say, it doesn’t get any better!

To round out the afternoon I have been permitted the advantage of almost undisturbed employment and reflection, accompanied by some soft classical music. During these singularly tranquil moments I afford myself the further pleasure of relishing my stuff, the books, the paintings and the furniture. So often in the madness of commerce one is alienated by industry from the very things one sought to collect.

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