Friday, November 26, 2010

Late Silvery Autumn Days

We are blessed today with a perfectly blue sky. The temperature is pushing the freezing mark, but the air is so dry and clear that one can hardly complain at this time of year. Very often we’re up to our shins in snow at this late date in Autumn. As everyone knows, the sun, though shining brilliantly at the moment, descends at a rapid rate after midday. When the sun begins to decline, the light assumes a silvery aspect, no doubt pronounced by similar colours on the ground. The deciduous trees for example reveal their grey trunks and branches; the once grassy lawns and verdant fields are now various hues of brown and neutral colours. The grey stone houses project themselves in stately silence against the sky. It is a time of utter softness and unmeasured consistency. The only relief from the unbroken view of the insipid landscape is the reflection of the sapphire sky in the passive waters of the River below.
One cannot escape the effect of the season, very much a reminder of the cycle of life all considered. It is a tranquil time, a time for fire places, introspection, winter coats and mufflers. We’re just on the cusp of that last connection with the unadulterated earth before it is shrouded for months in its burial garment of snow. So inspiring are these halcyon days that no one is really either aware of or contemplating what is to come, though in our hearts we know it cannot last.

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