Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lazy Saturday

We hadn't anything planned in particular for this Saturday, other than having decided last evening that we'd go to the Golf Club for breakfast this morning, as the season will soon be over for another year. On our way through the Village at 8:00 o'clock this morning en route to the Golf Club, we stopped at the home of some friends who live along the River to see if they were stirring, but as I peered through the glass panel alongside the door I could see no movement. Some documents had been faxed to me from Toronto yesterday, and the parents of one of these friends needed to sign the papers, so I thought I'd see if we could arrange a time this afternoon. As it turned out, we returned to the house after breakfast and after having done some grocery shopping, and plans were made to rally at my office at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. I was also given instructions to prepare some further documentation, so after returning home, I made my way to the office to complete that additional paperwork. Accordingly it wasn't long before noon rolled around. We had a light lunch, then headed back to the office to meet my Clients.

While it isn't often that I have Saturday appointments, it invariably pleases my Clients to do so. Somehow the conduct of legal matters on a Saturday lightens the affair. For my part, I am just as happy to be able to conduct such meetings out of regular business hours, when I am assured not to have any interruptions or ringing telephones to make me anxious. Our meeting entailed three separate items, signing the sale papers for the Toronto property, Powers of Attorney for Property Management and Personal Care, and a Trust Agreement and associated Joint Deed for the new home here in Town. So dry is this material that at one point we all noticed that the elderly father had fallen asleep in his comfortable arm chair. Mother and daughter, however, continued alert to the thread I was weaving, especially concentrating upon the terms of the Trust Agreement and the implementation of it.

It was mid-afternoon before I was finally sprung from my office. Neither of us had any energy to do anything or go anywhere (we're both suffering from a cold), so I decided to lie in the sunshine on the back deck at the house. It turned out to be hotter than I had expected, but I persisted in roasting for about an hour, before coming inside to play the piano for a half-hour.

This marvelous weather we've enjoyed for the past week is apparently going to continue for the coming week. We've become so spoiled with the good weather that it is now almost tedious. Perhaps tomorrow I'll feel strong enough to bicycle for a while. It's seems such a pity to allow these gorgeous days to slip by unindulged.

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